2016_02_24 Wednesday

Posted: February 24, 2016

     It was a bit of a crazy day here at Ian Baillie!  Mr. Allison was in for me today because I had meetings, then my meeting was cancelled so I was back, then I was gone again and Mr. Allison was back!  Thats okay because we are very flexible in Grade 2!

     We started out the day with our regular routine.  Our spelling word was "overthrew", our story which included an introduction and first paragraph was for "How to Ride a Bike".  We did a sharing circle on which zone we were in and which emotion we were feeling to be in that zone.  We doodled a shark (but not until after recess).

     We got to Mrs. Hill's class a little bit early so we did a read to self in the hallway with our book boxes!  We did our regular daily 5 activities when we got in the classroom.

     After recess we had math with Mr. Allison.  We worked on adding numbers 0 to 20 and some 0 to 100!

     Today was hot lunch day!  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who help make that program possible!

     After lunch we had computer and gym with Mr. Allison!  Did he play any fun games that I should learn? 

     We ended the day with our book of gratitude and packing our agenda's.  There was a memo sent home today about winter wellness week next week along with the activities.   Tomorrow is the 100th day of school (or Friday if there is a snow day)!  Dress up like you will when you are 100 years old!  I cant wait to see how you will all look!  Get lots of sleep, dress warm (and old), and I will see you in the morning!