2016_03_17 Thursday

Posted: March 17, 2016

     It was a very busy day today at Ian Baillie!  We started off the day with some St. Patricks day decorations courtesy of Gabe!  We all looked very festive!  Then the other class joined us for a quick practice of our song for the the music festival.  Then we started our regular routine.  Our spelling word was "leprachuan" and our story was "How to find a pot of gold".  We doodled a penguin and started math.

     In math, we started off with a listening quiz and did some math with a friend.  We used flashcards to tell us how much money to count.  Then we worked on some place value, and adding two digit numbers.  We all went to the gym to do the big crunch!  I love apples!

     After recess we worked with Mrs. Comeau with music for the music festival and how to control our voices. 

     After lunch we went to the library and changed our books before gym with Mrs. Hache.  I was really pleased to see everyone seems to be following the saftey rules in the gym, even with washer toss! 

     We finished off the day with a quick talk about choosing our topics for the STEM Fair.  We did our book of gratitude, signed our agenda's and got ready for home.  I hope you all choose a topic for your projects soon!  If you have any questions look at the links under the homework section or feel free to contact me via email mike.mccallum@nbed.nb.ca