2016_09_16 Friday

Posted: September 16, 2016

This week flew by!  Tomorrow is Fall Fair at JMH!  Make sure you make it out!

First, we did our regular opening routine.  Our spelling word was "cancelation".  How many syllables does that have?  Why do we need to know that?  Why are vowels important to the syllables?  We did an introduction for "How to Fly".  We doodled a sad dog who wanted a treat. 

Next, we had language arts.  We did a writers workshop.  We did a story for "How to do Read to Self".  Why did we say "Feet Never Touch Anyones Face" when we write our "How to.. " stories?  (Do you notice anything about the first word in each of my paragraphs of this blog entry?)

Then we had recess followed by Make Something that Does Something.  We learned how to make a paper cube.  Each team had to Fold, cut, tape, and color a peice of paper and transform it into a cube.  Points were awarded for each cube made.  The cubes were placed into a pattern.  Each time the core of a pattern appearred more points were awarded.  I saw lots of team work and collaboration today!  Great job everyone.

After lunch we had PE with Ms. McFarlene (and thats where we were for lockdown) before we read our chapter book.  Why do they call Jenifer Jansen "Cam"?  What is Cam short for?  We also had a workout taking out weights for our trebuchet.  The Ian Baillie Team will be working hard to win the pumpkin fling next week.

Finally we wrote in our agenda's, I signed them, we awarded the winners of Make Something that Does something with a prize, we packed our bookbags and came back for one more draw! 

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone makes it to the Fall Fair at JMH tomorrow!