2016_09_19 Monday

Posted: September 19, 2016

It was a gloomy day outside and a fun day inside at Ian Baillie.  We cancelled our scheduled picture with St. Andrews because it was slightly rainy and we didn't want to take a chance on a downpour.  We'll check the weather for later in the week!

We started off the day with our regular routine.  We set up our page, got our agenda's checked for notes (Im still looking for some hot lunch orders to arrive before Wednesday), we did our spelling word (convertible), and the introduction for "How to Party".  We doodled a mouse and handed in our sheets. 

In language arts we reviewed "Flip the sound" to help figure out some new words.  What 2 sounds does each vowel make?  Can you remember?  We reviewed our I chart and did a buddy read and a read to self.  I also read with a small group. 

After an indoor recess we had Math.  We also had a friend join us for some math today!  Do you remember who was back?  We reviewed our pattern terms (core, element, attribute, and increasing) we did some emoticon patterns, we looked at number lines, did some addition sheets with numbers 1 to 20, and I had some guest teachers teach us how to use the counting on strategy.  We also looked at using flashcards with a friend for the first time.

Following an indoor recess and lunch we had a relaxing yoga session in PE with Ms. McFarlene.  I know everyone was sad for it to end because I heard a huge roar! 

We went back to the classroom, read more of our Dective novel with Cam and Eric.  What did Cam stick her arms into today?  Would you have opened that garbage can?  We did a quick art project on How to Draw A Scarecrow.  Check out the attachment of our final works of art below.  Can you find yours? 

We finished off the day by getting our agendas signed, packing a memo, and putting up our chairs.  Get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes, and I will see you in the morning!

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