2016_09_21 Wednesday

Posted: September 21, 2016

I was so pleased today!  I was on morning duty and had to stay longer to help cover for Mrs. Hache when one of the teachers came to and commented how impressed she was that everyone in the class was seated, working, and behaving despite no teacher being in the room!  Great job class!
We did our regular opening activities. Our spelling world was "invincible" and we did an introduction for "How to wear a dress".  We doodled a kitten.

In language arts we went over our daily five expectations and worked on read to self, buddy read, and write to self.  I did some writers conferencing.  Tomorrow we will have library (so you can bring your books back to change), and we will exchange the books in our book boxes.

After recess we had math.  We worked on our counting on strategy, pattern terms, number lines, and played around the world.  Our judge today did a great job! 

Following lunch we had You and Your world.  We tried a few science demonstrations, but I made a little mistake measuring the first time so we had to retry one of the experiments after PE with Ms. Clark.  Do you remember what the chemical that made the water solid is used for?  Hint:baby's wear them.

We finished off the day with a chapter from our Cam Jansen book and with some French, numbers, greetings, and family members vocabulary.

Im off to cheer for Ian Baillie at the cross country race! Get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes, and I will see you in the morning!