2016_09_22 Thursday

Posted: September 22, 2016

We started off the day with our regular routine.  We checked agenda's, set up our page, did our word wall and spelling word (pumpkin), and did an introduction for "How to Run".  We doodled a puppy and went straight into math.

In math we reviewed our Pattern terms, worked on numberlines, worked with flashcards with a friend, went over our counting on strategy, and did a math sheet by ourselves.  We also reviewed what some of our responsible choices look like.

After recess we had an assembly to talk about the pumpkin fling this weekend!  We are hoping the whole school will come out to support our trebuchet team and help us win the school spirit award.  Besides that there are a ton of cool activities for kids!  A quick memo went home today.  We then changed out our books in our book boxes and had a quick read to self before lunch.

After lunch we had PE with Ms. Clark in the gym before going to the computer lab.  In Computer we worked on opening paint, using the different tabs, creating a picture, and saving it to our H drives.  Next we talked about how hot air rises.  We tried to fill a 20ft bag with air and leave it in the sun.  If the air in the bag would heat up, it should float the bag.  Would the color of the bag matter?  What else might make the bag not float?  We packed memo's into our agenda's, got them signed, and called it a day. 

Im off to Bay De Vin to watch the Ian Baillie Soccer team take on the Miramichi Rural Sharks!  Wish us luck, get lots of sleep, read 10 minutes or more, and I will see you in the morning.

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