2016_09_27 Tuesday

Posted: September 27, 2016

Our opening activities today we did our spelling word "convection", and introduction for "How to Bake", we doodled an elephant.

In math we started our new unit.  We talked about 2 new words digit and number.  Whats the difference between a digit and a number?  Which one has value?  Does your phone number have value?  We also looked at things that come in groups and that we can count instantly.  We filled in a 100's chart with missing numbers and colored the two digit numbers that were even.  Did you color 100?  Why not?

After recess we had language arts.  We did our daily 5 activities.  We worked on read to self, buddy read, and a write to self.  I read one on one with some students as well. 

At lunch today we had pizza for hot lunch.  I keep forgetting that we moved hot lunch to Tuesday's!   Thank you so much to all the parent volunteers that make that program possible!

After lunch we had PE.   I saw sticks and some strange balls in the gym.  After PE we had computer.  We looked at finding files that we had saved to our hard drives last time. 

Next we had guidance.  In guidance we talked about whole body listening.  Everyone had a great day so I asked each student to sign a happy face into their own agenda and sign it themselves!  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow.

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