2016_09_28 Wednesday

Posted: September 28, 2016


Our opening activities today our spelling word was "chocolate", our introduction was for "How to sneeze", and we doodled an elephant.

In language arts we did a writers workshop on the name the new school contest!   We looked at how our introduction for this could be similar to our "How to" stories.  We could ask a question, give an opinion, and have a lead in.  What do you think would be a good name for the new school?  That would be very cool if someday you could tell your own children that you were responsible for their school's name because of something you wrote when you were in grade 2!

In math we reviewed the difference between a digit and a number.  Why is the word value so important?  We also looked at an adding chart, a hundreds chart, and did some math sheets.  I was very pleased with the way everyone chose a responsible choice today when they were done their work.

After lunch we reviewed our thanksgiving trivia.  We didnt get to our Terry Fox story, so we had a game of teacher says before gym.  I had to pull out some major tricks to get people today! 

After gym we did French.  We worked on our greetings, numbers, and some friend vocabulary.  Im not very good at speaking French myself, but its important I try!  I know some of us dont feel confident when we speak French, but its important we try.

We packed up our agenda's with a memo and I dismissed everyone (and I forgot to sign them).  Everyone had a great day!   Get lots of rest, bring your smile, and I will see you in the morning!



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