2016_09_29 Thursday

Posted: September 29, 2016

This morning we started off the day with our regular routine.  I know I check the poster everyday and read it out loud to make sure my jobs are done!  Do you?  Our spelling word was "magnificent", we did an introduction for "How to Smile" and we doodled a BB8 from starwars. 

In math this morning we reviewed numbers and digits, even and odd, and we looked at dimes!  We also went to the Library to get our pictures taken.

After recess we had language arts and worked on our Daily 5.  We did a read to self, a write to self, and a share.  We also watched the 6 minute movie I Owed the class from yesterday but ran out of time to give them as a reward for GREAT behavior!

After lunch we had PE.  The gym was being used for class pictures so we went outside.  We got our class picture done and the school picture.  We ended up missing computer because of it but it gave us more time to talk about Terry Fox.  We got our agenda's signed and went home (no memo's today).

Tomorrow our end of month assembly is at 10:30 and the Terry Fox Walk around the building is at 12:30.  All are welcome to attend both.  Get lots of sleep and I will see you tomorrow!