2016_10_05 Wednesday

Posted: October 5, 2016

It was an awesome day in Grade 2 today!  We started off looking at some of the students work on the smartboard and grading it as a class.  How did yours look?  I hope it wasnt covered in marker!   Our spelling word was "calculation", our introduction was for "How to Add", and we doodled a turtle.

Mrs MacDonald was with us again today.  We worked on a "How to" story.  We looked at making a sentence with a topic, and adding details about that topic.  We also did some editing on our own work.  We looked for punctuation, ( . ! ? , ) capitalization, indentation, and some spelling.

After recess we had math.  We counted coins and worked on our counting by 10's and 5's.  When you count handfuls of coins do you sort them first (all the nickels in one pile and dimes in another), group them (2 nickels make 10 and 10's are easier to count), and then count them?  We also played if you can count it - you can keep it.  Mikail won $0.80 because he counted it so quickly!  Great job!  Keep practicing at home.

After lunch we had a large desk clean inside and out.  We also finished a math sheet from the morning.  In PE Mrs. Mcfarlene did some halloween games and we finished off the day with some dance in music.   We got our agenda's signed and called it a day. 

Have a great long weekend!  Get lots of rest and I will see you bright and early Tuesday morning.