2016_10_14 Friday

Posted: October 14, 2016

It was a beautiful fall day.  I hope you dressed warm, I found the wind a bit cold today.  Our rhyme time word was "rat", our spelling word was "achievement", our "First," was for "How to be a friend", and we doodled a dinosaur.

Mrs. MacDonald helped us with a shared writing today!  We did a "How to learn what to do in a fire drill".  We looked at our consonant blends in words, and the order of our steps.  We also did a write to self while Mrs. MacDonald and I read with individual students.

After recess we had Make Something that Does Something.  We worked on building a Jenga Tower, making teams, and working with electronic circuits called "Little Bits".  You guys all did a great job!

Following lunch we had PE.  I love the parachute!  What games did you play?  Next we did a desk clean, finished our read aloud chapter book, and did a little science demonstration where we are going to try and grow our own body parts! 

We finished of the day with our book of gratitude, signed our agendas, and got ready for home.  Don't forget to vote for the Aviva Project at home! Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!