2016_10_20 Thursday

Posted: October 20, 2016

Another GREAT day in Grade 2!  For our opening activities today we used "pen" for our rhyme time word, "contraction" for our spelling, "How to make a PBnJ" for our "First,", and we learned how to doodle a halloween witch!  Mrs. MacDonald taught us how to play two new games.  "POP for sight words" and "Word X Change".  We also review our Daily 5 activities.  Can you name all 5 of the Daily 5 Activities?  We did "Word Work" today (only 4 more).

After recess we practiced our song with Mrs. Hill's grade 2.  We came back to the class and had a listening quiz on money.  Then we went to the library and changed our books. 

After lunch we had PE.  We had a guest for PE today, what was your favorite game?  We went to the computer lab and finished up our tree painting.  We finished off the day with our book of gratitude, getting our agenda's signed, and packing up our things.

Get lots of sleep tonight and I will see you bright and early!