2016_10_24 Monday

Posted: October 24, 2016

What a great way to start the week!  Our rhyming word was "deer", our spelling word was "escalator", our "First," was for "How to Swim", and we doodled a Halloween Bat.  In Language Arts we worked on contractions and did an activity with paper, scissors, and glue.

After going outside for recess (or to the gym for choir), we had Math.  In math we had a listening quiz on money, we talking about friends that make ten, we counted money with a friend, and we did a worksheet on counting with nickels and dimes.

After lunch we had PE with Mrs. Hache.  She looked different today.  Did the yoga relax you?  

Next we did Art and You and Your World.  We looked at using stencils for our final blue print, and talked about rememberance day and the war.  I hope to start our posters by the end of the week. 

We wrote in our agenda's and packed a memo for home.  Remember tomorrow is Hot Lunch (grilled cheese from the rodd), Wednesday is picture retake day.  I do check the agenda's every day if you want to leave me a note about retakes. 

Parents!  Please remember to cast your vote this week to help support the new playground!  Click on the picture in this post for instructions on how to vote.  A few minutes of your time can help make all the difference.

Have a great night, get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning.  

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