2016_10_25 Tuesday

Posted: October 25, 2016

A rainy day, but not a dreary day when you're at Ian Baillie!  Our morning routine is going so well!  Our rhyme time word was "and", our spelling word was "hibernation", our "First," was for "How to get to sleep", and we doodled some Halloween candy.  We did a buddy read today.  Do you remember the buddy read rhyme (elbow, elbow, ...)?  I also asked you to check your buddy with the rule of 5.  If there are 5 words that you cant read on one page, the book is probably too difficult to be reading on your own. 

There was choir at recess, and indoor classroom time for the non-choir members.  We had math next.  We went over our "Friends that make 10".  We watched a video with a song about numbers that make 10, we had a listening quiz on friends that make 10, and we looked at 10 frames.  We also had time to play one game of around the world with adding flash cards 0-20 before we had guidance with Mrs. Sturgeon before lunch.

Today was Hot Lunch Day!  The Grilled Cheese sandwiches seemed like a real hit!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers who take care of that program for us! 

After lunch we had PE with Miss Hache.  The two boys in todays picture of the day were late to gym class.  You will find out why tomorrow morning. After PE we had computer.  Today instead of making pictures in paint, we learned how to find pictures on the internet and save them to our H Drive. 

We finished off our day writing in our book of gratitude.  What was the coolest thing about your day?  We also filled out our agenda's and got them signed before packing up to go home.   Remember there are picture retakes tomorrow for those who would like them.

Get lots of sleep tonight, dress warm, and I will see you bright and early tomorrow.