2016_10_26 Wedndesday

Posted: October 26, 2016

The week is half over already!  Before we started our day today we watched the morning announcment with Denny and Aiden.  They did an awesome job!  They were very serious and I heard everything they said.  During our opening activitities today, our rhyme time word was "bad", our spelling word was "swirling", our "First," was for "How to Read the News", and we doodled an owl. 

We also had a writers workshop today.  We did a "How to Make a Sandwich" story.  We had Mr. Bean help us!  We watched him make a sandwich step by step in the park!

Recess was very cold, and it was baby day so there was no choir and everyone went out!  Make sure you dress warm!  I dont want anyone getting sick. 

In Math we had a listening quiz on the "Friends that Make 10".  Then we practiced our Remembrance Day song with Mrs. Hill's grade two's.  We came back and went over some greater than and less than.  We also reviewed our counting on strategy and using a hundreds chart to add numbers.  We did an addition sheet as well. 

I stayed in the classroom today at lunch and set up the morning announcements.  We started the afternoon off by going over how they work, and what makes good announcments.  Being serious for the entire time so that everyone can hear your news and saving your silliness until the end.  The two girls who did it today were amazing!  We also looked at some Remembrance Day information before going to the gym to arrange where we should stand for our performance in November.

After PE with Miss Hache we did our books of gratitude, filled out our agenda's (dont forget your library book tomorrow), and did a few minutes of french.  Do you know how to ask "how are you?" in French? 

Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!