2016_10_27 Thursday

Posted: October 27, 2016

This will be a quick note today because I need to make my Halloween Costume for tomorrow!  We started of the day with Isabelle and Lana doing the morning announcements!  They were very serious and did a great job!  Our morning routine we did a rhyme time with "black", our spelling word was "retirement", our "First," was for "How to Land a Plane", and we doodled another owl!
We did some Daily 5 activities in Language Arts.  We reviewed our I-Chart for write to self.  I know re-reading is important for fluency (what does fluency mean) when I read, but why is it important when I write?  I was really impressed with two students who didn't know how to spell words today!  Instead of interupting Miss MacDonald or myself, they sounded it out, underlined the word and kept going!  Great job!
We all went outside for recess!  Its getting colder each day so dress warm!  In math we did a listening quiz on friends that make ten, we looked at greater than, less than, and equal too when comparing numbers and math sentences!  We also went to the library to change out our books!

After lunch we had PE with Mrs. Macfarlene.  We played catch with the velcro balls. Then we went to the computer lab where we practices saving pictures to our H drives. 

We finished off the day with Mrs. Dalton sharing some cool math games with us!  

The assembly is at 10:30 and the Halloween dance is at 1:10!  All are welcome!  Remember no costumes or face paint until after lunch! 

Dress warm, get lots of sleep, and I will see you tomorrow!