2016_10_31 Monday

Posted: October 31, 2016

  Happy Halloween!  We started off the day with Mrs. MacDonald while I helped the grade 4's film their first morning announcements.  Our rhyming word was hop, our spelling word was "attention", our "First," was for "How to go down a slide", and we doodled a ghost.  

Mrs. MacDonald also led us in a "make words" activity.  She gave everyone 5 letters ( g-h-o-s-t) and had us make different words with them.  How many words can you think of with just those 5 letters.  Which letter is in every single word?  Why?  We also did daily 5 write to self, and read to self.  Just before recess Isabelle shared a snack with us that she made on the weekend, and they were delicious!

After recess we practiced our Rememberance Day song in Mrs. Hill's room.  We did a listening quiz on friends of 10.  We looked at using our hundreds chart to add numbers.  Did an addition worksheet, and played a game on the smartboard with a knight and dragon battling with friends that make 10. 

After lunch we had PE with Mrs. Macfarlene and relaxed and stretched with some yoga.  We finished off the day making some cookies in Art class. We packed 2 memo's in our agenda, wrote in our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, and packed up for home!

Tomorrow for hot lunch we will be having a $2 picnic plate with fruits and veggies.  Have lots of fun trick or treating tonight and be safe!  Get lots of sleep (dont eat too much junk before bed), dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow for another exciting day in Grade 2!


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