2016_11_07 Monday

Posted: November 7, 2016

It is November and it is getting cold!  I see lots of hats, mitts, and heavy jackets on the playground.  Make sure you are dressing warm each day because you dont want to get sick.  We started out our day with our regular routine.  One of our rhyme riddles today was "My mom won't let me go to the movie tonight".   Our spelling word was "Remembrance".  They syllables on that one were tricky!  We did a next for "How to be a good friend".   We doodled a soldier.  With Mrs. MacDonald we looked at the story of the poppy and did a round of the daily 5. 

After recess we practiced our song for Remembrance day with Mrs. Hill.  We looked at some skip counting by 10's and 2's.  We did a math counting cirlcle counting by 2's starting at differnt points.   Can you count by 2's starting at 18?  Thats a hard one!  We also looked at using our hundreds chart to help us add numbers.  We finished up by quickly looking at how samples can help us to estimate.  What is a sample?

After lunch we did yoga with Mrs. McFarlene in the gym for PE.  Did you find your picture on her teacher page yet?  Then we came upstairs and worked on our posters for Remembrance day.  Is your poster almost finished?  Remember to get your permission slip signed so that you can get your poster entered in the contest. 

We finished off the day packing up our bookbags and writing in our book of gratitude.  There was a choir memo, a skating memo, and the Remembrance Day memo all to be signed and returned.   Dress warm, get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning!


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