2016_11_08 Tuesday

Posted: November 8, 2016

Today was a beautiful day for November, but I was still glad to see lots of winter hats and mitts!

One of our Rhyming Riddles today was "My drive will beep the horn when he arrives".  What word on our word wall did I use to help me spell beep?  Our spelling word was veteran (cvc vc vc).  Our "Next," was for "How to Keep Racoons Away", and we doodled a soldier.   We finished off our poppy story and talked about veterans and war.  We did two rounds of the daily 5.  One round was read to self, and the other was a write to self sheet.  

After recess we practiced our song with the other grade two class.  We also chose Gavin from our class to be the wreath bearer on Thursday with another grade two student from Mrs. Hill's class.  We did two quick counting circles with both classes skip counting by 2's starting at 18 and skip counting by 10's starting at 50!  We came back to our class and worked on using samples of 10 to help us estimate large amounts of base 10 blocks. 

We had cheese pizza for hot lunch today!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers we get to make that program work! It was a huge success again.

After lunch we had tally Tuesday in PE.  In computer we started our first day looking at the program Scratch!  I was shocked how brave and quickly the students were picking up and experimenting with the block code! 

We finished off the day with Guidance.  We talked about calming our bodies before calming our minds.  We packed up a memo for parent teacher interview times.  We signed our own agenda's and called it a day.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you bright and early for another great day of Grade 2!


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