2016_11_10 Thursday

Posted: November 10, 2016

We started off the day with our regular routine. One of our rhyme riddles was "When my brother is sad his face has a big pout". Our spelling word was "elephant", that has the same "fa" sound as "centotaph" did yesterday. We did a "Next," on "How to Act at an Assembly", and we doodled an elephant.

After recess we had a beautiful Remembrance Day ceremony. The Grade 2 students did a great job. They behaved well, they were respectful, they sang beautifully, and they did a great job laying our wreath. I was very proud of them!

After lunch we went to PE with Mrs. McFarlene. The gym was still full of chairs, so they went outside. How many laps did you have to run to warm up? Next we went to the computer lab and worked on Scratch. Some student were able to make their sprite run across the screen! The first steps to creating a video game! If you weren't able to get it today, or your got frustrated, dont worry, we'll all get there!

We finished up the day talking about playing rough. We did our book of gratitude, signed our agenda's, and went home for the long weekend. Get lots of rest this weekend, dress warmly, and I will see you on Monday bright and early.