2016_11_21 Monday

Posted: November 21, 2016

What a great way to start the week.  We got lots of work done and had lots of fun!  We started with our regular activitites.  Our rhyme riddle was "My brother will often weep when his team loses" (keep).  Our spelling word was "difference".  Our closing was for "How to sneeze".  What does the closing of a story mean?  We doodle a snowman. 

Mrs. MacDonald talked to us about good fit books and the kinds of books we should have in our book boxes.  We changed all the books in our book boxes!  It was very exciting!  We had a quick snack and either went outside or to the gym for choir.

After recess we had a very quick walk through of our Christmas songs.  We did a math listening quiz and corrected it.  It was all about doubles.  Do you know all your doubles?  How about 7+7=__ ?  We also looked at number lines and talked about the numbers on them called the benchmarks.

After an indoor lunch we had PE with Mrs. McFarlene.  We did yoga!  It was very relaxing.  We came back from gym to find all of our seats had been changed and we finished off the day drawing Olaf from Frozen.  Check out our work from today!  I also posted our crocodiles from last week.  Get lots of sleep tonight, dress warm, keep dry, and I will see you in the morning!

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