2016_11_23 Wednesday

Posted: November 23, 2016

Grade 2 is so much fun!  We had another fun day! We started off with our regular routine.  We used "red, black, brown, and green" for our using words.  Which color could help us read, or spell "backpack"?  Our spelling word was "conversation" and we did a closing for "How to Party".  We doodled a penguin.  We did a buddy read.  Who did you read with.  For our second round of Daily 5 we choose either a read or write to self. 

Everyone went outside for recess today.  I hope you dressed warm!  After recess we practiced our songs with Mrs. Hill's class.  In math we looked at the steps for our adding algorithm and went over the place value chart.  We did did some skip counting with two's from different starting points, including odd numbers.  We also did a math by ourselves addition sheet. 

After outdoor recess we had you and your world.  Today we talked about the four directions (N,S,E,W), the seven continents, and the equator.  We also talked about a game called Mystery Skype. 

Next we went to PE.  I saw lots of basketballs in the gym!  I hope you had fun!  We finished off the day with a review of the things we did, we wrote in our book of gratitude, and we got our agenda's signed.  We also had a quick dance party!  Your Ballet Dancing was my favorite!

Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!