2016_12_05 Monday

Posted: December 5, 2016

It was a busy day in Grade 2!  We started off with a visitor.  We now have an elf.  Her name is Sparkle.  I blame the students who wrote letters requesting an elf!  Bah Humbug! 

Mrs. Hill's class came in and we had a quick song practice for the Christmas Concert.  A note went home today (see attached) about the concert and what to wear.  After that we got straight to our work.  What word did we use "gave" to help us spell.  (Hint: It was behind the church). Our spelling word was "attention", and we did an introduction for a letter.  We also did a quick Santa doodle before getting in one round of the daily 5.

In math we went over even and odd numbers.  What digit do you look at to decide if an number is even or odd?  We also went over different strategies for addition.  Some of us tried the regrouping method.  If you tried this and didnt get your sheet finished dont be upset!  Its new and it will take a while to get quick.

After lunch we had PE with Miss Barton.  We played basketball!  In art we tried painting with watercolors!  We did a great job for our first attempt, and we will try them again soon!  We had a few minor spills and messes, so I didnt sign the agenda's today.

Dress warm, get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning.

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