2017_01_10 Tuesday

Posted: January 10, 2017

Welcome back!  The first school day of a new year!   We started out our day with a very excited sharing circle.  Everyone had stories and comments about things that happened over the holidays.  After we unloaded some excitement we went straight to work.  We did a written story and share about a small moment on our break.  Then we did our regular morning routine.  Our spelling word was "resolution" and we did a new type of story labelled "CPTTS".  Do you remember what that stands for?  We doodled a mouse and scored our papers.  After we scored ourselves the bell rang for recess.  The morning flew by!

After an indoor recess we had math.  We did a quick review of place value charts, followed by a listening quiz for numbers.  Next we learned a new game called "Dots" and played for math with a friend.  We reviewed adding two digit numbers and did a worksheet on adding two digit numbers (without regrouping or carrying).  We finished just in time for an indoor recess.

After an indoor recess we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  There was lots of blood, sweat, but no tears today.  After PE we went to the computer lab.  We worked in paint to make a maze.  Did you remember how to save files to your H drive?  We came back to the classroom to finish out our day with Mrs. Sturgeon to do guidance.   As the bell rang I asked everyone to sign a smiley face in their agenda's before they went home. 

It was really cold today!  Make sure you dress warm, get lots of sleep, and I will see you in the morning.