2017_01_11 Wednesday

Posted: January 11, 2017

We slid right back into our regular routine today.   We started off the day checking agenda's and writing that we will be having Show and Tell on Friday.  Then we did "using words".  What words helped with my story " I woke up in the SAND after trying to SLAY a SITH Lord who took my hand with a mighty SLICE?"  Our spelling word was "January".  Our Character, Problem, for our CPTTS was for a bunny.  What problem did your bunny have?  We did a quick paragraph edit, then we doodled a mouse and scored our sheets.  Next we did a read to self, and then we wrote a retell of what we read for the day.  The retell was much harder than we thought it would be to put into words! 

After an indoor recess we had math.  We reviewed our place value chart, the difference between digits and numbers, and had a quick listening quiz.  We had math with a friend before going to the computer lab to login to mathletics for the first time.  We learned how to login and do a basic navigation of the site.  We will try to make it to the lab every Tuesday and Thursday before lunch. 

After lunch we discussed STEM Fair projects for March.  There  are two types of projects and we will be briefly talked about both.  There is the the "Testable Question" and the "STEM Design".  After YYW we went to PE with Miss McFarlene.  We got there a little bit early and we got to dance with the other Grade 2 Class!  I love when that happens!  We finished up the day with some French.  We practiced our greetings and responses, and read a story about "The First Well".   I signed the agenda's and we called it a day just as the bell rang!

Get lots of sleep tonight, dress warm tomorrow, and I will see you bright and early for another fantastic day in Grade 2!