2017_01_12 Thursday

Posted: January 12, 2017

What a warm and wet day today!  The wet part meant it was an indoor recess today!  We started out the day talking about our show and tell.  Remember, dont bring anything that you think could be broken, forgotten, or stolen.  Our using words sentence was for "I CRAVE cookies, but I was MAD because the man at the STORE took the last bag and wouldn't TRADE for them!"  Our spelling word was 6 syllables!  It was "Responsibility".  Did you get it right?  We did a CPTTS story for a dog.  What was your Characters-Problem?  We did a quick edit and doodled a dog.  Next we talked about quotation marks.  When we see them, and what they mean, and what they look like.  After our Read to Self we did a share and almost everybody's book the author used quotation marks.  We started a buddy read, but the bell rang for recess. 

After recess we had math.  We talked about place value and digits.  We had a listening quiz and we went to the computer lab for Mathletics!  I sent home everyones login and password for mathletics.com because some of the students wanted to work on it at home.  You are more than welcome to work on Mathletics if you like, but it is NOT homework. 

After an indoor lunch we had PE with Miss MacFarlene.  I know she worked you hard today because you were leaving "sweat angels" all over the gym floor!  Next we went to the computer lab and worked in Microsoft paint.  Everybody worked on making a cupcake and saving to their H drive.  We finished off the day packing up some memo's and doing our agenda's and our book of gratitude.  I did make the suggestion if you decide to participate in the egg drop challenge to take pictures of your process and you can use it for your STEM Fair project later in the year.

Get lots of sleep, choose something you are comfortable talking about for show and tell, and dress warm tomorrow!  I will see you for the end of the first week of school for 2017!