2017_01_18 Wednesday

Posted: January 18, 2017

 It was a great day today in grade 2!  We started off the day with a new morning sheet.  We changed all of our words on our wordwall, and changed using words to solving words.  Today solving words had two clues "ccvc"  and "speed".  Do you know what the word was?  Our spelling word was "kumquat".  What letter came after the "q" even in the middle of the word?   Our CPTTS was for an alien.  We doodled a UFO.  We also did a round of read to self (you can see Ryan was very comfortable).  We also looked at how to convert character speech bubbles into quotation marks in a story.

After indoor recess we had math.  We did a listening quiz where students had to decide which unit would best be used to measure an item.  Which unit would you use to measure the Ian Baillie Math Track?  How about the height of a door?  We did math with a friend on "make a box", we review place value, and we did a lesson on how to draw a line to a set lenght.   Can you draw a 5cm line using a ruler?

After an outdoor lunch we finished our last few minutes of "My Friend Martin"  and watched looked at a book on Martin Luther King.  We danced in PE and we finished off the day with some French lessons.  We learned stand up, sit down, and we read little red riding hood. 

We will be going skating on Wednesday February 1st.

Have a great night, get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning.