2017_01_24 Tuesday

Posted: January 24, 2017

Grade 2 is so much fun!  We did our regular opening routine.  Our Solving Words clues were CVCC and "desire".  Do you know the word wall word to solve this riddle (want)?  Our spelling word was "appreciate" and our CPTTS was for a robot.  We did a peer edit and peer scoring before we doodled a robot.  After that we did something new.  I broke us up into teams and each team was given a tablet.  We all learned how to login to Kahoot and did a team trivia quiz on punctuation ( . ! ? ).   We had alot of fun and we may have been a little too loud as lots of other teachers asked if our class was okay.

After recess we had math.  We went over our new math sheet for number of the day.  Todays number was 81.  We had to do somethings with that number.  Do you remember any?  We also went to the computer lab to do Mathletics.  Are you almost ready to move on to the place value unit?

After lunch we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  How many laps did you get for Tally Tuesday?  Then we went to the computer lab.  I gave students time to work on Mathletics to help finish their unit.  If they were all done they could go on any school appropriate site of their choosing.  We finished off the day with Mrs. Sturgeon in guidance.  Do you remember who her birthday twin was?   We packed up our agenda (with the two attached notes), and got ready for home.

Get lots of sleep, stay warm and dry, and I will see you in the morning for another awesome day!

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