2017_02_09 Thursday

Posted: February 9, 2017

It was a very busy day today!  We started off the day with a new morning sheet!  Everyone always loves that!  The other Grade 2 class, and the Grade 3 class came in first thing and we practiced our song for the music festival.  Then we got straight to work.  We did "Word Endings", where we added "-ing, -s, and -ed" to the end of words.  We did two different words today "play" and "trap".  Can you add all 3 endings to each word?  Next we did our spelling word "valentine".  We did a story for a snowman, peer edited the story, and doodled a snowman.  Next we looked at our updated word wall.  We noticed that the word "there" and "their", which sound the same are spelled differently.  We even added "they're".  Three words that sound the same but are spelled differently.  We practiced making different sentences with each one.  Do you know how each one is used?  _____ is a dog.  That is _____ dog.   ______ happy they found the dog. 

After recess we had math.  We had a quick math listening quiz on place value.  Reviewed days of the week, and months of the year.  Those are measurements of time.  Are they standard or non-standard units of time?  Then we went to the computer lab to do a mathletics unit on months.  Some students are rocking the mathletics!  Great job! 

After an indoor lunch we had PE with Miss McFarlene.  I saw the blue mats out!  What did you do in PE? 

Next we went to the computer lab and worked on WordPad.  We went over the different tabs, the font size, and the fonts.  We also looked at the enter key and delete key. 

We finished off the day decorating some cookies that we were having trouble getting too.  Not all of the cookies survived decorating and they didn't make it out of the kitchen. 

We came back up and got our agenda's, I passed out a memo (attached), and we got ready for home.  Some students were asking for a list for valentines.  We have 14 students.  They are:

 1  Aiden
 2  Zoey
 3  Brea
 4  Wyatt
 5  Reese
 6  Lauchlan
 7  Ryan
 8  Denny
 9  Xander
10  Isabelle
11  Colbie
12  Lana
13  Mikail
14  Gavin

Have a great night, stay warm, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning!


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