2017_02_21 Tuesday

Posted: February 21, 2017

We had a bit of a crazy start to the day.  First Mr. English showed up to teach because I had a meeting, but then I ended up not going to my meeting so I got to stay and be with the class!  We started off the day with word endings for "keep".  What did you do when you got the "-ed" ending?  Our spelling word was "substitute".  How many syllables does it have?  Our character and doodle for today were for a football.  We also did a very special read to self and share!  We got letters today from our new Pen Pals at Saint Andrews!  What did your letter say?  Who was it from?  I'm so excited to write back and find our about our pen pals!

After recess we had a listening quiz on numbers and measurement.  Then we went to the computer lab to work on mathletics.  How many points do you have so far this week? 

After a beautiful outdoor lunch we had PE with Ms. MacFarlene.  I saw lots of hockey sticks and whiffle balls zooming through the gym!  I hope you followed the biggest rule of the gym!  Do you know what it is? (BE SAFE).

Next, we went to the computer lab to work in WordPad.  I hope you remembered to save your work to the H drive. 

Finally, we finished off the day with Mrs. Clancy in guidance.  She talked about "not now" problems.   What is a "not now problem"?  We packed our agenda's with two memo's, I signed the agenda's and we got ready for home!  Dress warm, get lots of sleep and I will see you in the morning! 



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