2017_02_27 Monday

Posted: February 27, 2017

What a great day to start the week!  We started off the day with a new book, Cabin Creek Mysteries - The clue at the bottom of the lake!  What do the kids think might be in the lake?  Why?  After a chapter we continued practicing our song with the other classes for music festival.  We are starting to sound good!  Do you know all the words yet?  When the other classes left we worked on our pen pal letters.  Most people are on their good copies and we are flying right along!  I hope we can mail them out before March Break!

After recess we had math.  We worked on the difference between Grams and Kilograms.  Which of those units would you use to measure the mass of an apple?  We also worked on our mathletics units.  I think everyone will have the Meaurement Unit complete this week!  Great job everyone!

After a beautiful outdoor recess we had Yoga in the gym with Mrs. McFarlene.  Are the stretches hard?  We finished off the day with some pipecleaner crafts.  Some students "quit" after the second bend!  How was your stamina for bending the pipe cleaners?  Did your frustration get the better of you?  We finished off getting our agendas signed and writing in our book of gratitude. 

Remember there is a bake sale tomorrow, you are welcome to donate items, and/or bring money to purchase items at recess and noon.  Get lots of sleep, dress warm, and I will see you in the morning!