2017_03_13 Monday

Posted: March 13, 2017

The March Break was really hard on lots of people!  The students showed up looking like they were 100 years old!  We started off the day with a sharing circle to tell a little about everyone break.  Then we met Miss Patles.  She will be doing her student teaching in the class for the next 8 weeks. 

Our word endings were for the words "yell" and "sing".  Our spelling word was "secretary", and the problem we had to solve was "if grandma was snoring on the couch when your watching your favorite TV show".  We did a write to self for What we did on our March break.

After recess we had math.  We did a listening quiz on numbers and place value.  We talked about why one number is bigger than another number using the words "place value".  We reviewed some math sentences that we already know (or I hope you know) like "friends that make 10" and "doubles".  We also looked at making 4 math sentences with 3 numbers (and a funny looking tree). 

After lunch we had PE.  Miss McFarlene wasn't there but I heard lots of noise in the gym!  It didn't sound like Yoga to me?  What fun games did you play?  We finished off the day with an ART explosion.  At least it looked like an explosion for a bit!  We painted the first layer on our paper mache masks.  

We finished off the day with our Movie reward, book of gratitude, and got our agenda's signed.  What a fun first day back!  Get lots of sleep tonight, dress warm, and I will see you tomorrow!