2017_03_17 Friday

Posted: March 17, 2017

Today was an exciting day in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! It was St. Patrick's day and upon arrival, students and teachers were shocked to see that the classroom had been destroyed by a tricky little leprechaun. Our day was themed around the leprechaun who ruined our class. Together, we brainstormed what we would do if we caught the little trickster then students wrote an independent pieceĀ using the writing prompt: "If I caught a leprechaun". We did rainbow math which consisted of plotting the colors of skittles in a Dixie cup onto a bar graph.

During the afternoon, we made plans to actually catch the leprechaun for our "Make Something That Does Something'' class. The students broke into small groups and with a variety of supplies at their disposal, students created leprechaun traps. We ended the day with a gallery walk of the traps and group members presented their traps to the rest of the class.