2017_03_21 Tuesday

Posted: March 21, 2017

Another great day full of activities in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! We started the day with a read-a-loud from our Cabin Creek Mysteries book. For langauage arts, we wrote letters to Mother Nature, urging her to give us the lovely Spring weather! After we wrote them, we drew colorful Spring drawings and shared with the class.

For math, we worked on our subtraction skills in class as well as on Mathletics.com. We reviewed the algorithm for subraction, and by tomorrow i'm sure they will all be pros! After students completed their mathletics work, they got free time on the computers.

Noon hour was extra special today because it was warm outside and there was 'hot lunch'. After lunch, we had PE. During PE, Mr. Lynch played floor hockey with the students.

We ended our day with a computer lab session, where students typed their letters to Mother Nature that they wrote earlier that day. We also watched french videos and sang some french songs for our 'You and Your World' class.