2017_03_24 Friday

Posted: March 24, 2017

Happy Friday all! Today was another busy one for our class. We started our morning with a "Make Somethng that Does Something" class where students worked in groups to create something with 'little bit'. We had presentations at the end of the class and the products we created ranged from doorbells to flashlights! It was great and the students enjoyed themselves and worked well together.

After recess we had literacy where we wrote an independant piece titled: "If I could paint my room anyway I wanted I would..." and did we ever get some creative pieces. It was impressive to see the level of creativity the students have, not to mention their impressive artistic skills, as they drew their bedrooms according to their writing piece.

After lunch, which was free Pita Pit, we had gym. Fridays are free Fridays in the gym so students did a number of activities. After that, we practiced our origami skills by making a paper frog that jumps in the air!

It was a great week for us all!