2017_03_28 Tuesday

Posted: March 28, 2017

Today was STEM fair day and boy was it an exciting one. Nearly every student in Mr. McCallum's class had a project and even those who did not were active participants in the viewing of presentations. The projects ranged from colored flowers, lava lamps and even fresh/salt water experiements. One of our very own will be going on to the district STEM fair that will be held this Saturday and that is Mikail Theriault for his rubik's cube solving robot.

After the excitement of STEM fair was over, we returned to our regularly planned day. We had recess and hot lunch. After that, we had PE where we played floor hockey.

After PE, we went to the computer lab. We started with some free time then moved on to playing Pacman online. We did this because next Friday, during our "Make Something that Does Something'', we will be working with Pacman and creating something that requires some knowledge of the game.

We ended our day in the usual way with an entry in our books of gratitude where we wrote 3 sentences about what we enjoyed most about our day. We sent report cards home today and all the students were excited to take them home and share them with their parents. It was a great day in grade 2!