Posted: March 29, 2017

Another busy day in Mr. McCallum's room. We started the day with our daily sheet and read a loud from Cabin Creek. After that, we reviewed the story "I Need My Monster". We wrote narrative peices detailing what our monster would look like and be like if we had our very own pet monsters. We dicussed what they would eat, look like, smell like and other traits that made them unique. We drew our monsters and shared our pieces with the class.

After literacy, we had math. During math, we practiced our regrouping skills using base ten blocks. We've been doing this for the last few days and with a little more practice, we are all going to be masters of regrouping! With the remaining time, we played 7 add up!

After lunch we had to have a talk about grade 2-itis. It seems as though some of us are forgetting how to act in school, so with a little refresher, we should be right on track again. Then we had PE. During gym, students played soccer with Mrs. Clancy

After PE, we had a french lesson where we learned how to say things about our class in french. We earned a reward for our behavior so we got to end the day with a short film!