2017_04_06 Thursday

Posted: April 6, 2017

Happy Thursday all! Today was exciting. We began our morning with a writing session where we wrote back to our pen pals. We started with an introduction which talked about how happy we were to receive letters from students at another school. We are writing them a book with our responses, which will take us a few days to write everything. We shared our stories and it was nice.

Next we had math. We started with a listening quiz which we marked together. Then we worked on subtracting/regrouping using Base 10 Blocks. We went down to the computer lab and did mathletics 'simple subtraction' and we were rockstars at it!

After lunch, we went back down to the computer lab to type our letters to our pen pals, because we want to be good at typing. We got to have some free time at the end because we worked so well. Next we had gym class, it was so much fun!

We ended our day by finishing our clay creations from the previous week. We also earned a reward for our behaviour and we got to watch a short film. Today was great and we are hoping to end the week on a positive note!

*Parents please be reminded that tomorrow is our pizza party. If your child does not wish to have pizza, please pack them a lunch. There will be no cost to the pizza, as we won it!