2017_04_07 Friday

Posted: April 7, 2017

It was a fabulous friday in Mr. McCallum's grade 2 class! We started the day with a "Make Something that Does Something" class. We seperated into groups and tried to see who could build the highest free-standing tower using pasta and clay. The trick was it had to stand on its own and have a paper clip and the end of it... Mr. M won :(

After that, we had literacy where we wrote the second page of our books for our pen pals at St. Andrew's. We talked about ourselves today and told them such things like our hobbies, families, and our dreams for the future. Some people worked with Ms. Patles, some with Mr. M and others worked alone. We then did a buddy read and we all listened to the rules!

For lunch, we had pizza! It was in indoor recess because it was so wet and muddy outside. We watched a few short episodes of a funny show while we dined.

After lunch, we had gym. On friday, we have free time in the gym so we all did something different. After gym, we came back for a lesson on nutrition and we watched an astronaut brush his teeth in space! We ended our day with a french lesson and some free time. It was a great day and a great way to kick off the weekend!