2017_04_11 Tuesday

Posted: April 11, 2017

Today was another great day in Mr. M's class. We started our day with a read a loud from Cabin Creek. We have one more chapter left and we are done! After that we went to the gym to practice our song for Music Festival, which is fast approaching. Then, we came back to the classroom to do the fourth page in our pen pal book.

Next we had math. For math, we worked on Base 10 Block regrouping/subtraction. We got a demonstration on repartioning to subtract and then went to the computer lab to do some mathletics. This was kind of tricky but with a bit more practice we will be rockstars.

After lunch we had gym. This was very exciting to watch as the students were playing a game Ms. Patles had never seen before. After gym, we went to the lab to type our pen pal letters up. We will perfect them on Thursday. We ended our day with a book of gratitude entry and 2 games of 4 corners, as our behaviour was so good!