2017_04_24 Monday

Posted: April 24, 2017

Today was a great day in grade 2! We began our day with our daily sheet where we wrote an independant story. We shared our stories with the class and they were all so great! We did a reading comprehension on nocturnal animals so we learned a few new vocabulary terms! Our ladies who gave solo speeches today at Gretna Green practiced their speeches for the class, because we weren't going to get to see them. We told them all something we enjoyed about their speech and gave them some feedback on what they could do to make it better. Then, the girls did their speeches again with the feedback and they were so great!

After our literacy block, we had math. We began with a listening quiz then solved some equations using our subtraction algorithm. We ended our class with a 'math by myself' sheet.

After lunch, we had PE. Students seemed to have enjoyed their time and they came up to have art class. For art, we made some pointilism pictures with paint. This quickly turned into a mess but fun was had by all. We ended our day with a B.O.G entry and some free time.