2017_04_25 Tuesday

Posted: April 25, 2017

Happy tuesday all! We began today in the usual way- with our daily sheet. We wrote independent stories and shared them with the class and we did a reading comprehension where we learned a lot about insects! We learned the parts of their bodies like the thorax and abdomen.

After our literacy block, we had math. We started with a listening quiz and then did some more equations using our subtraction algorithm. We got to play a few rounds of 7 up with Ms. Patles and Mr. Lynch before going outside for recess.

After lunch, we had gym. Gym is always fun. Today we played basketball. Students were a sweaty mess afterwards but they were grinning from ear to ear. After gym we had computer class. We earned free time and Ms. Patles gave us the entire period to play whatever we wanted. We ended our day with a guidance session.

Parents/guardians are reminded that we will be attending a play at JMH tomorrow. Students are asked to bring 2$ and be here for 8:30 as the bus is leaving at 8:45 sharp.