2017_04_27 Thursday

Posted: April 27, 2017

Happy thursday! Today we were a busy bunch. We started our day with our daily sheet. We wrote independent pieces for CPTTS and shared them with the class. Ms. Patles is pleased with the way our story writing skills are developing. After our sheet, we did 'Make Something that Does Something' and we had a lot of fun designing our own controllers that actually worked with pacman online!

After little recess we had an assembly. Brea, Xander, Denny, Gavin, Isabelle, Colbie amd Lauchlan were recipients of some awards today. Way to go guys! Wehn we returned to class, we did a reading comprehension that had more complex questions than we are used to but we did awesome!!

After lunch we had gym. We played 4 corners, and Mrs. Alligator to name a few. Then we went to computer to finish up some pen pal letters as well as have a bit of free time. We ended our day with a B.O.G entry and we filmed the morning announcements together as a class! It's been a great week.


Have a great long weekend everyone :)