2017_04_3 monday

Posted: April 3, 2017

Today was a busy day for us in Mr. McCallum's room. We were all very high energy today, as we had just come back from a long weekend. We started our day with a new daily sheet activity called 'find and replace'. For this activity, we had to change certain words to make a sentence have a bit more pizzaz. We also learned about synonyms today.

After literacy, we had math. We are still working on our regrouping skills using manipulatives like Base 10 Blocks. We did a 'math by myself' sheet while Ms. Patles worked with a group on a guided math lesson.

After lunch, we had gym, where we did yoga. Next, we had art and in art we made a 'blow painting' project where we created the monsters we wrote about last week. Things got messy but it was fun!

We ended our day with a Jib Jab dance party and a book of gratitude entry. It was a good day!