2017_04_4 Tuesday

Posted: April 4, 2017

Our day started off with a literacy block. This morning we did a lesson on contractions. It involved a cut and paste sheet and a word sort. Things got messy but we now know what a contraction is and their matching pairs! We also read from Cabin Creek and wrote a CPTTS on a little boy named Mike.

Next we had math. We worked on our regrouping skills once more, followed by a math by myself sheet. We are getting pretty good at regrouping with Base 10 Blocks. Soon enough, we will all be the rockstars Ms. Patles thinks we are!

After lunch, which was from Jungle Jim's, we had an assembly. There were many students from the class who either got listeneing awards, hard hat awards, mathletics certificates or recognition for their participation in the STEM fair. We then had computer free time and we earned an award for being so quiet during our B.O.G entries. Ms. Patles chose to let the class go outside to play 'Teacher Says'. Everyone had a great time doing so!