2017_05_16 Tuesday

Posted: May 16, 2017

I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing on my teacher page.  Miss Patles was taking care of it for so long I have completely forgotten about it.  I will definately work harder at getting it done!

We started off the day with our regular routine.  We read from "Ramona Quimby, Age 8".  Who does Ramona's mom keep telling her she has to be nice too? Our find and replace was "I liked the movie.  It was nice"  What two words did you improve upon?  Our spelling word was "exasperation" and we worked on a TRY for "I want my mom to order pizza".  We doodled a puppy and went on to a writers workshop.  We did a try for our lost puppy story.  Then we did a reading comprehension sheet.

After an outdoor recess we had math.  We started off with a listening quiz on number place value.  We did math with a friend using flash cards (and one group used the Osmo).  We reviewed our adding algorithm and did a couple of practice questions together before heading to the lab for mathletics.  I hope you are done your subraction unit! 

After lunch we had Tally Tuesday in the gym with Miss Mcfarlene.  Then we went to the computer lab and learned about our email accounts.  You can log into yours at exchange.nbss.nbed.nb.ca  and remember to put NBSS/ before your user name. 

We finished off the day looking at some internet safety rules.  The biggest thing I want you to remember is that everything you put on the internet is FOREVER!  So always be kind and thoughtful online. 

I attached the memo that went home today.

Get lots of sleep, dress for the weather, and I will see you tomorrow!

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