2017_05_17 Wednesday

Posted: May 17, 2017

It was a beautiful day at Ian Baillie.  We started off the day reading from our Romana book.  How did Romana figure out the Willa Jean had two boys in her class named Bruce?  We did a find and replace for "Willa Jean is a PRETTY LITTLE girl".   Our spelling word today was "apologize", and we did a TRY for a dog that wont stop barking by taking him on a long walk.  We doodled a puppy.  We did a reading comprehension sheet and worked on our Lost puppy stories.  

After recess we had quick listening quiz and worked on our place value.  We also went to the lab to finish our unit on subtraction.  I hope you are all done and ready to move back to addition. 

After lunch we talked about "moving", not moving our bodies, but moving homes.   We had lots of classmates that have moved homes.  What are some of the reasons we might move?   We then took some time to design some of our dream homes.  What cool features did you make in your blue print? 

Next we had PE with Miss Clancy.  Floor hockey and tag games are always a hit.

Finally we finshed off the day with a quick CPTTS movie with a dog called "take me home".  We did our book of gratitude.  Signed our agendas's, and got ready for home.  Get lots of sleep, dress for the weather, and I will see you tomorrow!