2017_05_18 Thursday

Posted: May 18, 2017

It was a warm day today!  I love the warm weather!  We started off the day giving our plants a little drink of water.  They were looking dry in the window.  That wil be your new job in the morning for a little while to make sure your plant is doing well.  We did a find and replace for "I WENT to see the BIG fish dad caught."  How did you improve your sentence?  Our spelling word was "molecules" and our Solve was for "I cant watch my TV show because Grandma is snoring".  Did you get 4 sentences (Solve, Detail, Detail, Problem)?  We finished up our Lost puppy story and did some story sharing. 

Following recess we had math.  We did a place value lesson and had a quick listening quiz.   We also finshed our subtraction unit in Mathletics (I hope). 

After lunch we went to the computer room and used our school based email.  We talked about using REPLY, REPLY ALL, FORWARD.   We talked about the difference between being fun and being cruel.  Remember the internet is forever!

It was so nice today that we got to do our first outdoor PE class!   I love outdoor soccer! 

We finished up the day with another internet safety video, we reviewed the day, did our book of gratitude, got our agenda's signed, and got ready for home!   Dress appropriately for the weather, get lots of sleep an I will see you tomorrow.