2017_05_23 Tuesday

Posted: May 23, 2017

I hope everyone had a restful long weekend!  We started today with some writing.  We did a quick plan and brainstorm and a draft.  Tomorrow we will finish up our draft and start our good copy.  We did a find and replace for "There will be a BIG fishing tournament soon."  Our spelling word was "different".  We skipped our writing and editing because we wrtote first today.  After recess we got a few more minutes to check our stories then we went to the computer lab for Mathletics.  Today we worked on adding 3 - single digit numbers and reviewed "friends that make ten".  Does it matter which order you add in?  Is 3+7+6 the same as 3+6+7 or 7+6+3?  How can knowing your "friends that make ten"  help make this problem easier?

After lunch we went outside for PE with Miss Clark.  We did our Go for 42 laps and even earned some time on the playground.  We came in and packed ALOT of notes (attached) in our agenda.  We went to the computer lab and shared it with Miss Corcorans Kindergarten.  Some people got caught up in Mathletics, and others got free time.  Did you check your email today?  I hope you only wrote kind things!  Teasing is hard to read with tone.  What you put on the internet can last forever!

We finished off the day with guidance with Mrs. Sturgeon.   She talked about taking turns and comprimising on playing games.  What did Howard (the character in your story) learn?  Buick dropped off two promotional cars for the Drive for your Student event coming up this weekend and there will be an assemlby tomorrow to reveal the new King Street Mascot!  Get lots of sleep, dress for the weather, and I will see you tomorrow!

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