Snapshot of our day, October 13th. 2016

Posted: October 13, 2016

      Today was another exciting day for the students at Ian Baillie Primary. First thing this morning we had a presentation from Miramichi Fire Department on fire safety. Going home Friday is a Fire Safety booklet. I encourage you to make an escape plan in case of fire and to fill out the ballot to win  "Fire Chief for a Day." After recess we read two stories; Do you Really Want a Turtle and Animal Migrations. Next we discussed the excellent traits I noticed in the students writing such as the use of sequencing words (First, Next, Then, After that and Finallydetails and "wow" words! To finish off our morning students had gym class with Mrs. Hache.

         This afternoon, Mrs. McLenaghan came into our class to discuss "teeth" in preparation for baby Ben's next visit on Thursday, October 20th. Finally, I had a guided reading session and students did a Daily Five activity (Read to Self, Writing, Word Work or Listening Center). Most importantly it was Alexis Patterson's birthday today, Happy Birthday, Alexis!